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Copper is an essential nutrient for the body. When combined with iron, it enables the body to form red blood cells. It helps maintain a healthy metabolism.

Also promotes strong and healthy bones and ensures your nervous system works properly. 


Symptoms of Copper deficiency are:


  • Frequent Sickness. People who get sick often may have a copper deficiency. …
  • Weak and Brittle Bones. …
  • Problems With Memory and Learning. …
  • Difficulties Walking. …
  • Sensitivity to Cold. …
  • Pale Skin. …
  • Premature Gray Hair.


A monoatomic copper infused water.

Directions: 30-40 drops a day 2x a day

Ingredients: Isotonic water. Copper nanoparticles.


Colloidal Copper has been used for centuries as a Blood Builder; building thrombocytes and red blood cells and also acts as a biocide destroying viruses fungi and bacteria, this is a colloidal copper mix that’s 30 parts per million.

The copper has also been proven through a process called GHK to deliver stem cells to the body directly.


The copper, gold, and silver, are considered food products: they’re Noble Metals.

Colloidal Copper

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