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     About Doc Livwel's Six Month Natural Iminotherapy Program


I would like to have a one-time free consultation with Doc Livwel?

Yes Doc offers a one time 40 minute zoom or office consultation at no cost. You may sign up on the next page on this website.

Does Doc, accept insurance? 

Doc does take insurance for covering patient cost for most blood work. Insurance does not cover the cost of Doc's six-month cancer immunotherapy program. 

I am not familiar with a six-month natural cancer immunotherapy program, can you explain?

The six-month cancer immunotherapy program is designed to restore Doc's patients immune system to reverse cancers naturally. To accomplish this we will be recolonizing the gut bacteria as well as reconstituting the bodies living microbiomes. Including detoxing the bodies organ's. The goal at six-months is to have your immune system function normally again and able to defend it self against all cancers. 

Exactly what is included in Doc's six-month cancer immunotherapy program?

 - Lab Orders include comprehensive blood work based on the individuals diagnosis for setting markers.

 - Personalized vitamin compound up 20 individualized nutrients adjusted every 30 or 60 days

 - 6 complementary treatment by certified instructors (guided meditation, breath work, energy healing &                   hypnosis, vibrational medicine and healing. 

 - Laser Treatment PDT - Tri - Light Laser: red, ultraviolet and silent blue light

 - Personalized ketogenic nutritional food & diet coaching with Doc's personalized recipes

 - Access to our patient portal with detailed regime, wellness tracking tools and calculators

 - Individualized detox program second to none

How does the Doc order lab tests virtually?

Doc can order all suggested blood work in all states and countries and bill your insurance company. If there is not a lab near you, in most cases we can send a phlebotomist to your home. They do a blood withdraw and mail it to the lab for about $50.00. For the uninsured, Doc has a network of affordable options.

What blood tests does Doc order?

Doc orders comprehensive lab work designed to find root causes of diseases and infections. Blood work is individualized; here are some of the labs he likes to run: Microbiome stool test, parasite testing, cancer markers, NaGaLase levels, micronutrient testing, vitamin D3 levels, heavy medal testing,  hair and urine analysis.

Does it matter where I live, or can anyone become a patient regardless of location? 

Yes, Doc sees people personally at his Boca Raton, office or we have a Tele-Health service with zoom meetings. People living outside the USA can also have consultations, supplements, detox, and personalized compounds, GcMAF injections mailed to them. With a written protocol and private pass code to login our app. Even energy healing can be arranged virtually/remotely.

Can Doc refill all of my prescriptions so that I don’t have to visit my primary doctor as often?

Doc will not provide refills for his patients but he will work collaboratively with your local doctor. You would need to continue with your primary doctor until your prescribe medication is no longer needed.

My English is not very good, but I am very interested in an appointment with the practitioner? 

Doc speaks fluent English and has staff who speak many other languages. All Doc's protocols can be converted into the language you most desire.

Can I get a refund on any of my services if I am not satisfied?

There are no refunds for service fee's for change of minds or after patient received select product orders and protocol via Our program is a six-month program is proven, and designed to restore your immunity back into a normal & optimal functioning range. Our trade secret's, protocols and products are disclosed during your no cost consultations, and follow - up emails. 

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