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Each child may have a unique set of causes — different factors that interact with one another to produce the same general symptoms. As a result, children with autism especially benefit from the personalized immunotherapy practiced by our exclusive naturopathic med spa, individualized protocol targeted to the specific needs of each child diagnosed with autism. 

Our service in the case of autism in study, experience, and learning by Dr. Marco Ruggerieo, Dr. Jeff Bardstreet, Kerry Rivera. We can supply clients with all protocol products or work collaboratively with you. Let's have a small consult and see if we can assist your effort to reverse autism symptoms. 




The range and severity of symptoms associated with autism can vary wildly, and they are often accompanied by other medical conditions. Common symptoms include the following:

  • Anxiety

  • Communication issues

  • Delayed speech development

  • Inappropriate social interaction

  • Learning disabilities

  • Obsessive interests

  • Poor eye contact

  • Repetitive behaviors

  • The absence of normal behaviors, rather than the presence of abnormal behaviors, is one of the earliest signs of autism.



While signs indicate a genetic component to autism, evidence suggests that the autism epidemic is growing in response to environmental factors. Among these are an overwhelming number of toxins disrupting the body’s immune systems balance. The disruption then throws other systems off balance, including the microbiome. This community of trillions of bacteria governs many of our body and the brain microbiota functions.


Our unique marker tests allow us to identify how the immune system is functioning in the autistic child. We send you our test kit for your doctor to take a blood sample then send it back to our lab, to set a natural marker. Then take a second test 8 weeks after you started our full protocol to see how your immune system is responding. We also suggest you record your ketone levels, which we will discuss. When treating autism weather in our Boca Raton office, (Globally) phone, a video conference etc. we look deeper to diagnose each child as an individual. We closely evaluate presenting symptoms and test results to devise a specific immunotherapy protocol, customized to with the goal to reverse autism. Medically there is no cure for autism, yet naturally, there are publications of autism being reversed. (Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet)



Unlike traditional autism doctors, we rely primarily on evidence in our blood sample marker identifying how the child's immune system is functioning. We assist the child’s ability to detoxify environmental poisons that can disrupt the entire body. The health of the microbiome also has a huge impact on a person’s genetics. We have found that treating the microbiome through diet, nutritional supplements, natural compounds, and extracts we can restore the gut-brain relationship. The starting point is by reconstituting the gut microbiota. We understand the activation of macrophages is essential in repairing the central nervous system. We also reduce oxidative stress and heal inflammation.

Some of the therapies used include the following:

  • Ketogenic diet

  • Oxygen treatments

  • Inflammation reduction

  • Intravenous treatments

  • Microbiome support

  • Neurological rejuvenation

  • Photodynamic therapy

  • Thyroid support

  • Treatment with the BioMat, a device that restores gut function with infrared light

  • Reconstituting the immune system


Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet has now treated over 2,000 autistic children with GcMAF and the results are well established. In 15% GcMAF makes no difference. 85% improve, if only a little, and of the 15% have their autism eradicated. In all 3,000 children have been treated with GcMAF with similar results. Dr. Bradstreet has published a paper: “Initial Observations of Elevated Alpha-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase Activity Associated with Autism and Observed Reductions from GC Protein-Macrophage Activating Factor Injections“ which is groundbreaking in its discoveries.


With Dr. Bradstreet, (First Immune) published a groundbreaking paper in “Frontiers in Neurology” on the 2nd January 2014 where we identify, for the first time, the point in the human brain where autism resides.


In our opinion Autism tends to be caused by the MMR and other vaccines by putting viruses and mercury into children. A shortage of lipids may contribute. Another Italian court has awarded €178,000 against the government to a family who’s child contracted autism from MMR.


These viruses sabotage the immune system by sending out nagalase to prevent the production of the child’s GcMAF and therefore become chronic.

Autism is usually a viral disease to a greater or lesser extent, with viruses in the brain and the stomach. In 15% of children, viruses are negligible, and GcMAF probably will not help. In 85% viruses are involved, and they will respond to getting the body to produce GcMAF. In 15% of children, autism is mainly a viral disease, and these children make full recoveries. Children can begin to respond inside 5 weeks. If nothing happens in 16 weeks, their autism may not be viral. If they respond, GcMAF should be continued for typically six months. Even, 8 weeks after they appear to be recovered, to ensure the viruses does not return.


Getting the body to restart the production of GcMAF has three excellent effects in the brain and rebuilds the immune system, which then attacks the viruses that cause autism. Improvements in the child are often seen as early as five weeks – about the same time it often takes to permanently eradicate the herpes virus.  We recommend he eats plenty of lipids.


Children with autism often have very high levels of vitamin D3, occasionally toxic levels (and low levels of D2) which may be produced by gut bacteria. We do not recommend any change to vitamin D3 (which may result in severe hyperactivity) or any change to anything else until we receive our D3 testing. So change nothing else at the time you start.

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