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Magic Gloves

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Our trend setting Magic Glove™  is a nano-current cosmetic technique with a relaxing facial massage that effectively improves your health and appearance of our skin. The Magic Glove treatment at Nobel Health Solutions in Boca Raton Reduces and removes signs of aging by restoring the skins elasticity. Our Magic Glove treatments provide real time, long term results. Schedule your Magic Glove treatment today.


Our clients are women and men who want to look and feel trim, firm and physically appealing. The face and neck can droop with extra skin weighing the face down, adding years to their appearance. They have lost shape in their body regions or have added an unwanted pooch. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to fully contour and re-sculpt their natural beauty. Together we’ll  transform your appearance and you will feel much more youthful.


New Anti Aging Magic Gloves!  Now offering our relaxing facial nano-current treatments. Enjoy looking like the younger you! Limited time offering “Specialized Pricing & Packaged Deals. Providing treatments for face, eyes, neck, body and hands. We opened the MedSpa in Boca Raton with a nice build-out in the business/warehouse district. We are located just east of FAU. Nobel Health Solutions has a Holistic kitchen stocked with over 50 Raw Organic Super Foods including our Smoothies & Fermented Yogurts. We have proven Naturopathic (successful) Protocols that can treat Cancer & Autism, even Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Dementia.

Beneficial Features

Traditional Micro-current:

The micro current function sends low frequency micro currents to stimulate muscle tissues underneath the skin. The unit has pre-set programs that massage and tone the muscle during treatment. The unit exercises the muscle fibers with light electro pulses thereby lifting and toning the jaw, neck, and facial tissues. The skin tone of the face will improve proportionately as the muscles are exercised and tightened and restore the skins natural elasticity and texture.


Magic Gloves Non-Surgical Facial Lifting:

Magic gloves enhance the removal of dead keratin layer from the surface of the skin, performing a gentle exfoliation.

Magic gloves accelerate the expulsion of harmful products in the skin tissue.

Magic gloves increase the ability to absorb nutrients in the skin.

Magic gloves shrink enlarged pores and give the skin elasticity, tightening and removing traces of aging.


The Magic Gloves perform a type of microcurrent treatment. This function uses a special pair of gloves knitted with silver-bonded fiber. The silver gloves serve as the conductor of micro-current for the skin care treatment. The fiber used for the silver gloves uses pure silver to eliminate any allergic reaction of the skin. Furthermore, it has antimicrobial properties and has many benefits conducive to skin care such as eliminating a high percentage of bacteria, which cause many skin problems.

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